Sunday, 2 December 2012


"Isha Trivedi" "Siddharth Arora" "Mirror Image"
Mirror Image - Siddharth Arora
This pic was originally clicked by me (Isha Trivedi).. The first time I was trying out my DSLR .. 

"Isha Trivedi"  "Alan Kapoor"
Alan Kapoor
Gave it a grunge look ..  Background is googled and the actual image is cut and pasted on the background and color corrections are done ..  This pic is originally clicked by me (Isha Trivedi) in Khandala ..  

"Isha Trivedi" "Falak Trivedi" "Moon Princess"
Falak Trivedi - The Moon Princess
Falak was sitting on my bed and scratching her foot when I (Isha Trivedi) clicked this pic with iPhone .. Googled a moon picture and copy pasted this image to for former one .. Tinted this pic blue a little bit .. 

"Isha Trivedi" "Forest Princess" "Daisy"
Isha Trivedi - Forest Princess
This is a self click using a webcam .. Right from background to the dress everything is manipulated .. This is one of my most favorite pics of mine .. and most favorite editing too.. 

"Isha Trivedi" "Moon Princess" "Dreamy" "Clouds"
Isha Trivedi - The Moon Princess
It's a self click using iPhone .. Was holding this moon artifact which is kept in my bathroom .. Just saturated this picture a bit and created clouds on photoshop .. Wanted to give it a bit of dreamy look .. 

"Isha Trivedi" "Designing Life" "Creating Beauty"
Isha Trivedi - Designing Life | Creating Beauty
I clicked this pic using remote control for my DSLR .. This is again a self click ..  Created this logo for myself on illustrator .. Finally settling upon one I thought to edit one of my pics with the logo and tagline .. so here it is .. 

"Isha Trivedi" "Rujul Trivedi"
Rujul Trivedi - Collage
I clicked these pics in Goa in the dim light of room .. Thought to make a collage of it .. 

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